Dance Wave is an internet Radio station specialising in Dance category mainly Dance, House, Deep House, Trance and more electronic music.

Our mission is not to follow forced trends, but to search out and expose really great and new electronic music to people who otherwise may never encounter it.
We are world-wide, independent, Non profit making, we only do this because we love the music we play, however because of the running costs we will gracefully accept any offers of support or donations. If you have VK, Facebook, blog, etc… please link to https://dancewave.online we prefer to spend our money on hot new tunes so there is no advertising budget, we rely on the quality of our shows and word of mouth.

Thanks for listening, and remember…
All about Dance 2000 till today!

Retro channel

More and more radio stations are launching retro channels, but they only play the classics most popular music. However, these stations have forgotten many more other popular and rarity songs. We’re making up for them, so you also can hear songs you haven’t heard in decades.

All about Dance before 2000!

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